3M Health Care Business is a global leader offering innovative products and solutions for critical care, chronic care, infection prevention, oral care, health information management, drug delivery and food safety. 3M provides trusted products that help promote health and improve the quality, cost and outcomes of care.

3M is committed to the support of Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR) where a mutual interest exists, expanding the breadth of scientific and technical knowledge related to 3M’s products. Investigator Sponsored Research includes independently-developed clinical studies or basic research entirely initiated, conducted and managed by a non-company researcher (e.g. individual researcher, institution, collaborative study group, cooperative group) in accordance with applicable legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements. Researchers may request support in the form of 3M product or technology, research funding, or both.

The 3M ISR program requires submission of concepts, which are reviewed by the 3M Review Committee. Communication will be sent to the requestor regarding the result of the review. Additional information may be requested, and additional reviews may occur, before a final decision is obtained.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Ongoing review of project progress as well as anticipated publication plans may be required.
  • Submission of a concept to 3M does not guarantee support.
  • Submissions are not considered confidential
  • Products listed on the website may not be accessible in all geographies. 3M is not responsible for accessing information which may not comply with legal, regulatory or usage of the product in the respective geography
  • Submissions are to an English only third-party website

Personal information you submit to this website will be used by 3M, its affiliate or subsidiary to process your request, and as further described in 3M's Privacy Policy . This information will be transferred to, stored and/or processed in the USA, which may have different data protection rules than your country.